The documents in the table below relate to the REVISED UK Adult ITP Registry.  Please view UKITP Readme 1.9 for instructions for filing for local R&D approval to serve as a collaborating site.  Note: The document set below reflects the most current version of study documents in use for the Adult ITP Registry.   

These changes were made upon commencement of extraction from hospital medical records here at The Royal London Hospital, and have been approved by the London Research Ethics Committee (please view the documents, "UKITP Study Amendment Approval Letters 1-3" for further details).  Collaborators should not worry about which hard-copy version of these documents they have, as data collection and submission will ultimately transpire electronically.

Adult ITP Registry database: Click HERE to go to the UK Adult ITP database for database entry.

** A flow chart showing the procedure for consenting patients for the study is available for download HERE **

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