We have listed the main ITP-related websites which will provide further information on ITP.

We are aware of other sites and these will be added later.

ITP Support Association (UK)
This is the UK patient association which provides very useful booklets on all aspects of ITP. Send an SAE to The Chief Administrator (Shirley Watson) and she will send out a pack full of goodies. The Association also produces a regular newsletter which contains articles and treatment updates. Their Annual Convention is a great place to hear the latest about ITP and meet other patients.

UK Paediatric Registry website
This Registry is run by Dr John Grainger in Manchester. It is similar to the Adult Registry, aiming to collate information relating to children with ITP.

Platelet Disorder Support Association (USA)
The US counterpart of the UK ITP Support Association. A very useful resource for information on adult and paediatric ITP.

UK ITP Guidelines
British Committee for Standards in Haematology guidelines (2003). Now somewhat dated but worth a read.

Boston Children's Hospital website (contains information on childhood and adult ITP).

Intercontinental Childhood ITP Study Group
This group has run several registries, focusing on childhood ITP.

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