International Adult ITP Collaboration
We are very pleased to announce that the re-launch of the Adult ITP Registry will be augmented with new international partnerships in the United States (with Drs James Bussell and Doug Cines, noted ITP authorities from Cornell University in New York and The University of Pennsylvania respectively), Turkey, Norway and Asia Pacific. Our joint efforts will focus on linking genetic and proteomic data with clinical outcomes to better understand ITP disease progression, treatment effectiveness, and co-morbid disease burden.

International Inherited Thrombocytopenia Collaboration
We are additionally very excited to announce a recently launched international collaboration to investigate non-immune, familial (or inherited) thrombocytopenias with Dr Amy Geddis, a consultant haematologist from the University of California-San Diego. We hope that that this partnership, part of a larger bone marrow failure consortium, will significantly contribute toward our understanding of the progression and aetiology of immune and non-immune causes of primary thrombocytopenia.

Drug Trials
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Evans' Syndrome
We are running a registry for this rare disorder. We know very little about Evans' in terms of its incidence, clinical features and therapy. This new Registry will mirror our other registries and will collect simple clinical information and lab data. We will also be looking at immune system genes to see if there is a genetic link with the disease. Full details can be found on th
e Evans' Syndrome page.

Message Board
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